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Trident Concepts, LLC provides our clients with the full spectrum of weapons and tactics training necessary to address the challenging needs of modern warfare and personal defense. We will accept nothing less than providing tour clients with the best instructors and training available. Our staff members recognize that the lives of our clients depends on their instructional ability, experience base, and core doctrine. Therefore, it is our goal to ensure the highest state of combat readiness for individuals that may be called into harms way or face high risks on a daily basis.

Our roots are in Naval Special Warfare (NSW), and we bring the same high intensity mindset and success to our training programs. By comprising a staff of diverse and professional military/LEO instructors who are experts in their own fields to collectively design programs, we provide training to meet evolving threats head on. bringing the same intensity and mindset from NWS to our training program, TriCon™ has been recognized as an industry leader by various federal, state and local units. To request a Capabilities Brief, please contact us directly.

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Around the House

The other day I had a conversation with a friend about the storage of a defensive firearm in the house. It really boiled down to where and how should it be stored. Safety for all This is a lot harder to answer than you may think. The first thing you

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

In modern day pistol craft, the student is taught proper sight alignment then sight picture. The subject of your focus is the front sight, seeing both the rear sight and target a bit blurry. Laying down some heavy stuff Wow…earth shattering I know. I’ll bet you’ve never heard that before.

The Polite Hypocrite

My last blog on open carry (All Guns Are Always Loaded) stirred the pot a bit and not surprising. I’m not going to sugar coat things here, but if you look close enough you can see a bunch of folks acting hypocritical. Definition time So, what do I mean by

All Guns are Always Loaded

It is rare the actions we take in our everyday lives don’t have unintended consequences. It is a byproduct of our instant gratification upbringing and a lack of future vision type thinking. I also believe it is has a lot to do with self serving needs as opposed to the

A Propensity for Violence

I recently noticed something that puzzled me, I thoroughly enjoy my up-armored walkabouts of late. I throw my armor on and go for a leisurely walk around the neighborhood. But people I see along the way behave strangely. Human nature I am reminded of an excerpt from the SEAL Ethos,

First Aide is Secondary

With all this talk about concealed carry and various loadouts (see this article) there was some chatter about carrying medical gear. That is all fine and well, but you have to ask yourself what is killing you first. Self aide, buddy aide, corpsman The idea of applying self aide post