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Trident Concepts, LLC provides our clients with the full spectrum of weapons and tactics training necessary to address the challenging needs of modern warfare and personal defense. We will accept nothing less than providing tour clients with the best instructors and training available. Our staff members recognize that the lives of our clients depends on their instructional ability, experience base, and core doctrine. Therefore, it is our goal to ensure the highest state of combat readiness for individuals that may be called into harms way or face high risks on a daily basis.

Our roots are in Naval Special Warfare (NSW), and we bring the same high intensity mindset and success to our training programs. By comprising a staff of diverse and professional military/LEO instructors who are experts in their own fields to collectively design programs, we provide training to meet evolving threats head on. bringing the same intensity and mindset from NWS to our training program, TriCon™ has been recognized as an industry leader by various federal, state and local units. To request a Capabilities Brief, please contact us directly.

Latest News

When Stupid Knows No Bounds

Earlier this week I saw a video and as I’m watching it my head began to spin, not the good spin, but the demonic vomiting bed suspending spinning. Can we please keep the stupid to a dull roar for like oh, I don’t know how about forever. One up man-ship? The video starts out with a mannequin with live person

Suffering for the Win

Have you stopped to realize that gunfighting is fighting. Wow…really blew you away with my obvious statement there I’m sure, but hang with me on this one. Pick the big guy said no one If we are fighting, would you rather fight someone who is strong or weak? Be honest, if you had to really fight an opponent you probably

Look Closely or You Will Miss It

Have you ever been so committed to a point of view, you failed to see anything else. Did you ever stop to think people around you are evolving and you are laying there stagnant as a result? Victim mentality If you pay attention to the world around you might be surprised by what you see. In this case, is anybody really

Move It or Loose It

I’m sure we have all heard the phrase, “shoot, move and communicate” before. How hard do you train for the “move” component to this philosophy. Bubble bursting time The ability to deliver effective fire while on the move or in motion is a critical skill. While it would be nice to have ideal range conditions for any incident, the reality

Don’t Tread on My Feelings

We have entered a period in our society, where feelings take precedent over reason. Where if you feel scared, offended or deprived they are more important than inalienable rights. Moral conscious It has been several weeks since we saw some dramatic changes in a few states as it relates to a small group of individuals. Some states have taken a

False Positives

There is such a thing as a false positive, it means your judgement was in error even though there was good outcome. Your evaluation process took the positive outcome and thereby validated the means. Slap it baby Some of these false positives are not too bad. A good example would be when you seat your magazine and the slide moves forward.