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Trident Concepts, LLC provides our clients with the full spectrum of weapons and tactics training necessary to address the challenging needs of modern warfare and personal defense. We will accept nothing less than providing tour clients with the best instructors and training available. Our staff members recognize that the lives of our clients depends on their instructional ability, experience base, and core doctrine. Therefore, it is our goal to ensure the highest state of combat readiness for individuals that may be called into harms way or face high risks on a daily basis.

Our roots are in Naval Special Warfare (NSW), and we bring the same high intensity mindset and success to our training programs. By comprising a staff of diverse and professional military/LEO instructors who are experts in their own fields to collectively design programs, we provide training to meet evolving threats head on. bringing the same intensity and mindset from NWS to our training program, TriCon™ has been recognized as an industry leader by various federal, state and local units. To request a Capabilities Brief, please contact us directly.

Latest News

Uniformed Security, feel good response

I was recently asked to consult with a school on security matters. This included evaluating current security protocols as well as suggesting new ones. The night ended with a dinner and brief speech to a group of dads. I consider this to be a huge responsibility and honor at the

Bezel up or bezel down

The post from the other day had an excellent comment regarding splash back or fragging yourself with the bright light. It happens a lot more than people think once you step off the sterile firing line. For a lot of people they look at the personal hand light as a

Mega-bright…good or bad?

Who is not carrying a personal handheld flashlight these days? Those serious within the art will find the question boring. You have got to be impressed with how far the personal handheld lights have come; they are smaller, lighter and brighter. Is there such a thing as too bright? I

Run Ted Run

There are many perks to my job, getting to meet some great people is a big one. Last year while participating in some legislation I got a chance to meet several key politicians. I meet one of Senator Cruz’s political staffers at the actual bill signing and spent some time

Fair Winds and Following Seas

Yesterday we lost a great man, a teammate and a mentor Gary Welt. His battle with ALS ended surrounded with family and loved ones. No doubt his seat at the table was reserved long ago for he was a man of great deeds. I first meet Gary or I should

Little Black Rain Cloud

So, the Brown Santa brought me a splendid box not too long ago. It was filled with all sorts of inclement weather gear. As I’ve said before, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad choice in clothing. One of the pieces I have been dying to try