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Trident Concepts, LLC provides our clients with the full spectrum of weapons and tactics training necessary to address the challenging needs of modern warfare and personal defense. We will accept nothing less than providing tour clients with the best instructors and training available. Our staff members recognize that the lives of our clients depends on their instructional ability, experience base, and core doctrine. Therefore, it is our goal to ensure the highest state of combat readiness for individuals that may be called into harms way or face high risks on a daily basis.

Our roots are in Naval Special Warfare (NSW), and we bring the same high intensity mindset and success to our training programs. By comprising a staff of diverse and professional military/LEO instructors who are experts in their own fields to collectively design programs, we provide training to meet evolving threats head on. bringing the same intensity and mindset from NWS to our training program, TriCon™ has been recognized as an industry leader by various federal, state and local units. To request a Capabilities Brief, please contact us directly.

Latest News

The Ugly Truth

Has anyone stopped to consider the worse case scenario of a terrorist attack in the US? Not the loss of life alone, but the loss of our civil liberties? What seems more reasonable There comes a time when you can no longer trust a fools action for being foolhardy. Would the loss of life be terrible, absolutely! I can no

Same Song & Dance

I waited several days before commenting on the Islamic terrorist attack in France last week. I was curious what developments we would see or if it would be the same old lip service. Surprise, surprise, surprise True to form, I wasn’t disappointed. What I mean was everyone pretty much acted the way I would expect and in particular the media

Task Versus Movement Speed

Which is better; fast movement speed or fast task speed? The answer is going to be difficult for some to grasp, but it doesn’t make it less true. Crashing into the walls There is this urge by many to move fast, it somehow equals success. In a lot of cases it does, but the difficult part is realizing fast doesn’t

It’s All Fun & Games

Mention concealed carry and you can find yourself in an interesting conversation. One I enjoy is the challenges of carrying in the workplace because so many internet experts don’t have a clue. Real world problems I’ve said this many times in the past, but there’s a difference between concealing and covering your firearm. Many believe simply posing for a selfie

Enough is Enough

We are in an election cycle so everyone is paying attention to what people are saying, but what about what people are not saying. Like the huge waste of time and money from most “common sense” gun control measures. The knee jerk You have to realize anytime there is a tragedy involving a “firearm” there is going to be an

Backup Throw Down

For the last several weeks I have been running my Glock 43 as primary, where normally it is reserved as backup only. I wanted to get a better feel for the versatility of the platform; which meant in all my daily activities. Multiple threat scenarios The Glock 43 has been a huge success in the sense of providing consumers with