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Trident Concepts, LLC provides our clients with the full spectrum of weapons and tactics training necessary to address the challenging needs of modern warfare and personal defense. We will accept nothing less than providing tour clients with the best instructors and training available. Our staff members recognize that the lives of our clients depends on their instructional ability, experience base, and core doctrine. Therefore, it is our goal to ensure the highest state of combat readiness for individuals that may be called into harms way or face high risks on a daily basis.

Our roots are in Naval Special Warfare (NSW), and we bring the same high intensity mindset and success to our training programs. By comprising a staff of diverse and professional military/LEO instructors who are experts in their own fields to collectively design programs, we provide training to meet evolving threats head on. bringing the same intensity and mindset from NWS to our training program, TriCon™ has been recognized as an industry leader by various federal, state and local units. To request a Capabilities Brief, please contact us directly.

Latest News

The Great Divide

As we mourn the lose of two New York police officers it is becoming pretty clear we are spiraling out of control. The regard for human life continues to fall and many are not aware nor do they understand the unintended consequences. The blue line I think many of us


The actions of Sony Pictures this week can be described as nothing less that cowardly. More importantly, this sends a clear message to everyone how easy they and others like them can be manipulated. Surprise, surprise, surprise Sure, I’m not the one who has to make the decisions and maybe

Dry Fire, the Big Lie

I often get asked what can you do to improve your shooting skills. Over the years my answers has changed, but when folks just respond with a blanket statement of “dry fire” they actually are missing the point. The harsh reality The bottom line is dry fire simulates several components

The Old Dog Adage, Part 2

After I posted my blog (read about it here) last week, I received several emails, private messages and texts asking to clarify what I was talking about. Basically, align the sights and place the tritium on your intended strike point. Follow the bouncing ball Most everyone reading this should have a

Let’s Talk Zero

By now, we as an industry have had the opportunity to play with a variety of zeros. Some things have changed, others have not. Max effective range Something that hasn’t changed is being able to define your mission. What do you intend on using your rifle for, like specifically the

The Old Dog Adage

I have to say that I’m very excited about learning new things. Well, maybe not at the time when you count my frustration, but afterwards I’m pretty damn excited. Practicing flawless technique I was literally dancing around the range recently when I figured out how to use my Trijicon HD