The Case Against Horders


So, I had a conversation with a student recently and it had to do with hoarding ammunition. Sure, there is a “crisis” of sorts on ammunition availability, but do I believe that we are at an apocalyptical state where zombies will be rolling in over the hills. No, far from it.

Where we are at is a point where folks need to take their training more seriously. If the zombies do come rolling over the hills and society does break down, 10,000 rounds of 5.56 isn’t really going to be that helpful. It cant’ load itself, can’t shoot itself and it sure as hell can’t haul itself. That means you will have to do it all yourself. The reality of society breaking down at a national level can be down right scary, but if that happens people will be moving to the food and water. So, once your 30 day supply of stuff is gone and you have no way to grow/cultivate your own food or purify your own water it is either sink or swim. How much good will all that ammo be if you have to leave it, but more importantly you failed to take the opportunity to better your skills to protect yourself and loved ones?

My rule of thumb that I put out to students is a 1:4 ratio. You should have one defense round to every 4 training rounds. So, 100 rounds set aside for defensive purposes out of 500 rounds. That is a pretty good load out that should sustain both skill level and preparedness. Take the time to map our the remaining 400 training rounds. Have a plan as to how you will expend them in training. What do you want to sustain and what do you need to improve. Be honest and be more well rounded with your skills. That is the major point I see these days. Folks are more inclined to practice what they are good at and avoid what they suck at. If you don’t know your shortfalls then that is problem number one.

It is difficult to know if and when things will return to normal on the ammunition front. I do know they are working very hard to meet the current demand. Life will move on, but skill sets will depreciate over time so don’t be that guy with the huge inventory of ammo whose skill sets didn’t help defend himself or his precious cargo.

Yes, that is a bucket of bullets. 6,000 Federal 9mm 147gr. bullets to be exact and part of the load out at a recent class.