Evicted from the Comfort Zone

What does it take for you to leave your comfort zone? Here’s a better question, why do you stay in your comfort zone?

What are you afraid of?

A likely reason might be fear. There are of course lots of reasons, but fear is a big one and pretty common. There is fear of failing, fear of being wrong or fear of social nonacceptance. My good friend Tony Blauer says “fear creates doubt, which unchecked turns into anxiety.” It is this anxiety that will infect and ultimately limit your performance.

Set the example

I was recently discussing a subject that might rustle some feathers and in discussing the subject I discovered several folks in the conversation were more interested in coming up with excuses against versus exploring. The really frustrating part is these are suppose to be some of the industry leaders, yet they are afraid. That might be a bit unfair, but truthfully it was fear of being out of their comfort zone.

Failure is powerful

You should have a simple directive with regards to performance in this industry, “how can I increase my lethality on the battlefield.” Many of us turn to experts to show us the way, we need to keep pushing the envelope. Yes, of course there will always be crazy and stupid shit out there, but that shouldn’t prevent us from having a broader approach towards bettering our game. It is when you don’t want to look bad or change that limits your progress.

Filter system for dummies

As I mentioned, there are somethings that don’t need much thought to realize they suck. Then there are those that are borderline, how do you know if they are a good investment. What sort of filter system do you have in place to help process this new information? Hopefully there is something that helps you cope with the fear of something new or change. The worse thing you can do is fail to address it at all. Again, our fears are what keep us in our comfort zone. You have to identify what it is your afraid of; it’s usually a part of the whole and not the whole. If you can identify the part and then address it you might be surprised what you accomplish. A great quote relative to the subject, “how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” I first heard that quote from the late Col. Jeff Cooper, but how awesome is that when you can break things down into smaller pieces or what I like to call chunking.

Core skills

Our programs are broken down into core skills, we believe these core skills are necessary to be a well rounded combatant. Too many times we find chinks in the armor of  folks and when we ask many times the response is the same, “I’m not very good at (fill in the blank).” No duh, it takes commitment, discipline and practice to be good at anything. Nothing is free in this world and you will have to work for it, but one this is for certain if you never venture out of your comfort zone you will never know what you are capable of accomplishing.

We should strive to be comfortable in our discomfort zone. To push our limits and embrace the struggle.