Freedom of choice…not

How important is your choice; on any subject no matter how big or how small? One of the greatest privileges as a free man or woman is our freedom of choice and if you haven’t been paying attention I’m here to tell you it’s being infringe upon in all parts of our lives. I believe partly that is due to our good nature as responsible citizens and how there are some in government that will exploit that to their advantage. Then I believe there are some with the inability to self govern and understand the difference between self respect and self esteem. On the one side; self respect means living by a sense of morales, convictions and standards. The other just means feeling good about oneself no matter the cost.

Earlier this year the City of Austin prohibited the local grocery stores and other retailers from using plastic bags. They cited as their reason to help protect the environment and reduce liter. So, apparently this ban on the deadly plastic bags represented a clear and present danger to our national security. Armageddon was apparently just around the corner and thank God we averted an extinction event through the forward thinking of our city council.

Some might say, what’s the big deal? Really, you think it is ok for the government to just step in and say “no more”. Here’s another way to look at it and that is we are too stupid to think and make good choices so they are going to make them for us in the off chance we don’t agree with their choices. You can try to sugar coat it any way you want, but that’s the hard core truth. It is indicative of an out of control government, whether federal, state or local that believes they know best.

I was not aware of the agenda until it was too late, I would have liked to voice my opinion on the matter for the simple reason that I don’t believe the government should govern our every move. Come on now, you can’t be serious some will say. Well, how serious do I need to be when we are talking about prohibiting plastic bags.

I cannot stand it when people come to me with problems. I hate it, don’t come to me with problems; come to me with solutions. The city of Dallas is under a similar attack and local retailers and thousands of customers are making their voice heard through a grassroots effort to thrawt yet another attack on their civil liberties or if that is too strong then on their freedom of choice. You see, instead of coming up with better solutions the City of Austin felt it was just better to make the choice for you. As a human we have two forms of interaction, persuasion or force. Since they couldn’t persuade us to their viewpoint they forced it upon us. Again another harsh slap of reality to your face.

The people of Dallas felt there were other options available, like increasing awarness of recycling and creating more recycling centers. But the one I believe mattered the most was more education on the subject of recycling so that people can make the right choice. I mean after all, the “Don’t Mess with Texas” campaign has been around since 1985.

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