Consistency equals accuracy

Or, accuracy is nothing more than being consistent? In our book, being accurate means you were able to replicate your skills to standards over and over again.

In this last class, accuracy was a key to being successful. But precisely moving into positions as quickly as possible to allow optimal time to apply marksmanship skills was really the key. Many people complain they’re kneeling position isn’t up to par, many times it’s simply because they are not consistent. Just like anything else, it requires practice. You have got to work with it to reach a level of proficiency. Part of the proficiency is being comfortable, literally and we will talk more on that in a bit. There is the knowledge of how the position works to greatly improve your hit ratio by increasing stability, using angles and structural support. Then there is the ability to consistently drop into that position and be comfortable. The successful hit ratios a lot of times where the result of the students who consistently dropped into an optimal kneeling position and weren’t fighting it.

While many people will opt to drop down to prone for increased stability, there are several circumstances when that’s not an option. One that gets overlooked is terrain. If terrain prevents you from seeing the target because of foliage, uneven ground or other obstacles then it isn’t that useful in that situation. A quick and stable kneeling position that can offer clear line of sight can be incredibly useful for some shooters as far out as 200 yards.

Another key component to a kneeling position that will increase stability for those longer shots is flexibility. Being able to get into these supported kneeling positions requires a fair amount of flexibility in the lower body. That flexibility will help to give you more comfort in those positions and I’m telling you that makes a big difference. With three of the body’s main hinges; ankles, knees and hips, it is very common to see the inflexibility of the average shooter. So, increasing the flexibility here is a simple way to increase your hit ratio by being able to achieve a more stable and comfortable kneeling position.

Once you have achieved a stable kneeling position, a common mistake is to rest the rifle. You need to actively engage your muscle groups and pull the rifle into your shoulder pocket/mount. Just like with our standing position you have to retract and engage your shoulders, back and trunk. Once you can do that, it’s very impressive as to what you can do consistently.

First round lethal strikes win gunfights. If a shooter can achieve successful hits from a kneeling position at a range most shooters use prone then theoretically he’s going to be faster and it’s pretty obvious who the winner is going to be then.

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