Stupidity of some people

Ever wonder what it feels like to be hit by an airbag deployment? At least you have the seatbelt to keep you in position and displace the force appropriately over your body. Ever wonder what an airbag deployment feels like on an unrestrained pet or the front windshield?

That’s right, I am talking to all of the stupid people who feel it is ok to drive around with unrestrained four legged loved ones.

While airbags have made a significant impact on reducing vehicular deaths, they do come with a price. They can kill! Granted the statistic is small, but it is still there and people need to be aware of the precautions you need to take to avoid adding injury to insult. Hopefully most people have taken the time to read their owners manual and realized that small children, babies and even elderly with certain medical conditions should not sit in front row seats where airbags can deploy.

Here is a crash course on collisions, there can actually be four. The first is the vehicle’s impact at speed with an object. The second is the unrestrained occupant and the interior of the vehicle. The third is the occupants organs and the encompassing body wall or cavity (i.e. skull and chest wall) and fourth is the occupant and loose objects in the vehicle.

Modern vehicular safety measures focus on deceleration of the occupants to increase their survivability. Here is another crash course on seat belts. First off they work and you should be using them so now that I have stated the obvious here is the why. When an unrestrained occupant strikes the interior of the vehicle the stopping distance is determined by the give in the vehicle. An occupant using a seatbelt on the other hand decelerates over a larger distance determined by the give in the seatbelt.

So, back to the stupid people. First off, anything not restrained when a vehicle traveling at speeds comes to a sudden stop produces a missile. That missile is still traveling at the speed the vehicle was traveling at until it strikes the interior of the vehicle or other occupants. Pretty simple stuff really, so why would you treat your pet as a missile?

I’m sure we have all seen the increase in folks who want to travel with their pets. I think it is great, as long as you treat them like a loved one and not an accessory. Think about their safety and well being and not whether or not you look cool or cute with them sitting in your lap or next to you as a quasi-human. Never mind the fact they are a distraction to the driver when they are sitting in your lap, I mean how much attention to the road can you really have when there is 20 pound missile stepping and climbing all over you?

Earlier this year right when the summer was about to hit, I saw all the internet “concern” about leaving pets in the vehicle on a hot summer day. Where internal temperatures can literally transform the vehicle into an oven. Well, now you have another image to consider and that is of a loved one impacting the interior of your vehicle, being hit by said loved one or an airbag deploying on an unrestrained loved one.

Pss. funny story, was pulling up to a light as it was turning yellow. The lady to the side of me looked like she wanted to run it, but the car in front of her decided against it at the last minute. I got a close up shot of her dog slamming into the front windshield as she brakes to avoid the collision. She was butt hurt when I called her a dumb ass…go figure.

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