In the wake of the recent events at the Washington Navy Shipyard we want to first start out by expressing our sincere condolences to those who lost their lives and their families. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those involved and affected at all levels.

Right now, the best course of action for the majority of us is to remain steadfast and carry on. Remember that an investigation has to be conducted and the findings made available to the public to really determine what happened. Please do your best to avoid getting sucked into the speculation and conjecture that will be running wild in the media. Remember, reporting accurately is subordinate to being the first one to report it.

Then there will be the “anti-gunnners” who will point to this and yell to anyone who will listen, “you see, we told you so.”

At this point, I’m talking to those who might listen to these self perceived do gooders. First off, think it through. Does it make sense that any new gun laws will have an effect on anyone who has made a determination to break the law. Whatever deterrence whether criminal charges, jail time and even capital punishment “might” have, we need to acknowledge that a true criminal by some definitions is a person who commits crimes for a living. So, if they break the law for a living, how are new laws going to have any impact on deterring their future criminal behavior?

Some will use the argument that “we need to try”. Let’s make sure we distinguish between needs and wants. The anti-gun campaigners want more gun laws, but we don’t need more gun laws. There are plenty of gun laws that have been effective for years some even decades. How can they be effective if we are seeing these types of tragedies might be a response from some. Or, if it saves one life we need to try. All deceptively harmless or according to current vernacular “common sense.”

Here is the bottom line and the point to this whole piece, evil will find a way. If it is not with a gun, it’s with a car, if not a car its with their hands, the point is if murder was their intention they will find a way. “Gun free” zones are the kingdom of evil doers and stricter gun laws are the gate keys to affect horrible atrocities on our fellow man. Many will want to rationalize and understand the why, but the truth is as a good person you will probably never understand the evil that resides in those who would commit these atrocities.

So, what are you to do? Honestly, if you haven’t figured it out by this point I am not sure there is anything I can say that will change your mind, but in the off chance you are willing to listen then here goes. Step up and take personal responsibility for your own safety and welfare. It is that simple.

As a country we have sunk to new lows where we have devalued our own lives to the point you do nothing to protect it or even worse protect the loves ones around you. It is even lower to be told through words or actions of some you are helpless and “need” protecting. That you are incapable of handling the responsibility for protecting your own life. But, it’s okay to have someone else risk their lives to protect you. What does that say about you?

Evil cannot be prevented by committees, regulations or laws, it can only be met head on, confronted with righteousness, preparation and courage. I will leave you with one of my all time favorite quotes.

“The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing.” Sir Edmund Burke.