Preparation for a Ladies Only

We have our first ladies only class of 2013 around the corner and I have taken a few emails regarding how to prepare. I figured it would be a good idea to share some insight and observations from our past classes to help ladies prepare for this and future classes.

First off, relax. It is going to be a great time and you are there to learn, but also to have fun. For about half of the students in these classes it is their first exposure to formalized instruction. While we have objectives to meet, this class is about developing a safe and competent shooter. So, yes we will joke and make fun of each other while training, but there is always a seriousness about safety.

Think about what you are going to wear. We plan our classes around the cooler times of the year, but it’s Texas so you never know. We officially suspend fashion etiquette so dress comfortably. Long pants, comfortable shoes, your favorite baseball hat and here is the big one a collared shirt. Yes, there is hot brass flying all over the place and believe me, having been burned once or twice a collared shirt is ideal.

Since will be wearing a holster, you will need a sturdy belt, we have plenty to loan out, but the problem most times is the size of the belt loops. Try to find a pair of jeans with about an 1.5″ belt loops and you will be set.

I recommend double ear protection as sometimes the report can be the most intimidating. A soft pair of ear plugs along with some ear muffs work really well. You will need to relax the ear muffs to hear the instructions, but once we move to the firing line you will be very happy you have them both.

Staying hydrated is a big thing and you have to start the day before, not the day of. Don’t worry, there is a port-a-john at the range so please stay hydrated. Salty snacks or energy bars are a great way to keep your energy up and that will pay off in the afternoon. We usually take group lunches, but I caution folks about chowing down too much as then you have to deal with the afternoon food coma.

Going back to the beginning of this blog, we are there to have fun, but also to learn. If you have questions, please ask. I do my best to make myself approachable so ask away. Most of the time everyone else can benefit from your question so don’t embarrassed if I want to share the answer with the class. Plus, that is what I am there for, so take advantage of the face time.

I have been very lucky to have had so many great people come through our classes. I take this very seriously, we have several close friends and spouses coming to the class so I’m grateful of their trust.

And no, we are not doing any Charlie’s Angels poses 🙂