Realities of Life

We just finished a great training class with some awesome people. We had folks from all walks of life and I truly love seeing classes such as this, the average age for this class was late 40’s to early 50’s with some old guys really kicking ass!

Everyone’s motivation to train will be different, some are based off terrible experiences and a vow to never again be a victim. Others recognize a mistake from their past and work hard so as not to repeat. Some are realizing the world is less safe than it once was and some that we aren’t getting any younger. No matter the motivation we all have to work with our God given talents and abilities no matter the circumstances.

One of the members of the class is a wounded Marine from Iraq. We first crossed paths four years ago at a rifle class we did here in Texas. He shot really well and while not the high shooter it was still an impressive feat since he is in wheelchair! I have to say when I hear folks complaining about the weather or their back hurts or they’re tired I am reminded of this gentlemen. Probably one of the hardest workers I have seen come through classes and his hard work has paid off as this class he came away not only as the Top Shooter, but with a 96%. Those who have trained with us know that is no easy feat. Bravo Zulu my brother, keep up the great work!

When I said we had some Old Guys I mean that with the utmost of respect. When you think of hardened men, patriots, grandfathers and gunslingers this is the image you should have. These guys shot the class with great enthusiasm and I can honestly say I hope I am just as ornery and Texan as them in my ripe old age. It is a blessing reaching that age group, so much experience, observations and lessons to pass along. You don’t get to this age group and perform in a class like this without being tough. Hard life for hard men.

One suffered arthritis terribly by the end of day one. You could see the discomfort, but it didn’t stop him one bit. He worked through the pain and performed incredibly well. The entire time he kept not only his spirits up, but everyone else’s around him and he refused help from others even to load magazines.

It wasn’t easy by no means for these gentlemen to do well, but it is a fact of life. Each has to deal with their own issues and there are no excuses. Mother nature has no interest in your whining or complaining, she is cruel and ruthless at times. Working with whatever issues you might have good or bad is far more valuable.

A lot of people are intimidated to attend our classes for whatever reason. With folks like these gentlemen I can see why, these are some big shoes to fill. So, really the only question you should have when standing in their shadows is “what’s your excuse?”