Government shutdown, fear mongering

With all the talk of government shutdown and the efforts to scare and vilify those who would want to see change everyone should keep their head on a swivel. No matter what the resolution it may still come that many people are affected even if we avert a government shutdown. There are a lot of talking points being thrown around to justify and a big one is national security, so what can the average citizen do?

First off realize, you are no more on your own than before. Besides, what are you expecting, some invading army to come over our beaches? We may see long term damage from investigations, surveillance and asset development, but they will eventually come back on line. Not to point out the obvious, but the government doesn’t really have that good of a track record when it comes to preventing some of our recent attacks linked to terrorism so not sure what the blustering is all about.

One of the greatest things about our country, is the fact that we are an armed society. Despite all the hidden agendas at stripping us of our God given rights it is a major deterrent. As an armed society, we are a polite society. If there is a threat to our national security, whether imaginary or real, one of the first steps towards bolstering our national security should be making everyone aware we are armed. You have got to wonder the outcome from some of the past attacks had an armed citizen taken action.

Even if you don’t believe in the Second Amendment or your right to bear arms, it has a sympathetic benefit for everyone. The fact that bad guys whether criminal or terrorist are not sure who is armed is a huge deterrent. Think of it this way, how often do we see shooting sprees at gun stores versus “gun-free” locations.

So, back to the question of what can the average citizen do? Obviously, if you are not armed, then arm yourself. If we should see civil unrest or worse, be ready to protect yourself and your family at all cost. When we see civilization unravel and the dehumanization of society you will be on your own. It’s times like these we see good people go bad and bad people go worse.

Most everyone should have a threat matrix, that based off your conditions and the environment you decide on not just being armed, but on supporting equipment as well. If you are not carrying a spare magazine and a good flashlight you better start. The ultra-compact pistols are cute, but you better upgrade to a serious service pistol that you can reload quickly. Lastly, be armed all the time. Even in your own home.

Prepare an emergency bag; these go by various names so I don’t much care what you call it, just put one together. An old backpack works great. Fill it with spare ammunition, batteries, medical supplies, water, some food and whatever else you think might be helpful. Keep it close at hand and throw it in your trunk if you leave the house. It’s also a good idea to stock your home with some extra provisions.

Now, at some point we have to think outside of ourselves. Be prepared, but one thing I plan on doing is inviting some of my federal friends over for a potluck dinner this weekend. I know it will be hard on them in some cases and it certainly isn’t their fault, but if I can make it a little more tolerable I’m all for it.

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