Voluntary helplessness

It’s very interesting to see how at a public level so many people are working furiously to increase the helplessness of everybody around them. It seems pretty clear that because some are so helpless they have to bring everyone down with them.

Recently in an interview, the Chief of Interpol said the democratic world is at a “security crossroads” and as a suggestion said arming citizens could be the answer. I couldn’t agree more with him and THANK GOD somebody in a recognized government position finally said it. Seriously, why is there such an aversion to this concept?

After his interview hit the airwaves, the “error-net” was abuzz with all sorts of ridicule from the usual suspects. They haven’t even bothered to give it consideration, they just reacted in shock and horror at the suggestion. Surely, the streets would run red with blood, people would be indiscriminately shooting each other and more innocent bystanders would be injured or killed.

Shut your dirty pie hole!

The same rhetoric was espoused when concealed handgun laws were enacted. Yet, we did not see the chaos or out right manslaughter predicted by so many. None of the naysayers ever took center stage to say, “opps, I was wrong.” Nope, instead they shifted their position again to distract or re-direct. Listen, if you haven’t figured it out yet, the government is a reactionary mechanism. It reacts after the fact. There is no mistaking the courageous and difficult actions on our first responders, but it is impossible for them to be everywhere all the time. Sure, we could point to our intelligence apparatus and blame them as to why they didn’t act sooner, but the reality is they too are mostly reactionary.

Get over it folks, the only true way to ensure freedom and liberty is just a good old fashion understanding that we are an armed society. It is the surest way to send a clear message, a shot across the bow of all who would contemplate future atrocities. You may sneak into our borders, you may illegally acquire weapons and you maybe be able to gain access to “gun free” zones, but if we abolished these “gun free” zones and just recognized every citizens right to bear arms I’ll bet it would alter many a would be terrorist’s mindset. Would it eliminate all future terrorist acts; hell no…don’t be stupid. Yes, I can use that word because it is in the English dictionary. Bur really, what will. Short of a draconian atmosphere, nothing would up to and including today’s current government TTP’s.

So, here is what it really boils down to folks. I am not forcing, holding a gun to anyone’s head to go out and buy a gun. If you want to, do it, if you don’t want to then don’t do it, but stop freaking complaining about it and making it a big deal. That’s the beautiful thing about my beliefs, is that they would never be a threat to your own freedoms. It’s your God given right, but if you don’t want to be armed then fine. BUT, don’t infringe on my rights. What I am saying is nobody can say with any degree of certainty it would or wouldn’t work. What we should be saying is, “hmm, we have this great gift to bear arms, let’s use it.”

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin

3 thoughts on “Voluntary helplessness

  1. RedHalo says:

    Great article Jeff! I can attest to the fact that when Texas created the Concealed Handgun laws, many people,
    including law enforcement administrator’s and law enforcement officers were worried. I for one, was happy that the laws were passed. I can remember training officer’s in in-service on how to properly handle law abiding citizens with CHL’s, and I received a lot of resistance. I had officers on traffic stops require CHL holder’s unload their weapons on a traffic stop and had some officers confiscate their (CHL holder’s) ammo. I told the officer’s who did confiscate the ammo that they are unlawfully seizing a law abiding citizens ammunition. After a while, it sunk in and it is not an issue today as it was back in the mid 90’s.

    From time to time, I would have citizens ask me as a LEO, what I thought about the concealed handgun laws, and I would tell them that law enforcement was there to protect the community as a whole, but we cannot protect each and every citizen individually. I would also tell them, that the only one that can protect themselves better than anyone, is not the police, but you the individual, who owns a weapon and has the training, confidence and competence to use it.

    Keep up the good work that you are doing by training law abiding citizens, law enforcement and our members of the uniformed services. Your passion for training and sharing speaks volumes about your character. I also appreciate your candor and bluntness when it comes to the rights that are given to all of us under the U.S. Constitution, specifically the “Bill of Rights”. God Bless and take care!

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