Endo, ecto and mesomorph

Now that I got your attention let’s talk brass tacks.

So be honest, what type of body style do you think you have. Are you an endomorph, larger waist to shoulder ratio. Are you an ectomorph, relatively thin with straight lines. Or are you more mesomorph; thin waist with wide shoulder. Truthfully, you are probably a combination of two or maybe even all three. The point of bringing this up is to address these body types and how we carry concealed on a daily basis.

There has been a lot of talk regarding the pluses and minuses of  appendix carry. Here’s my observations from watching people in our concealed carry classes as well as other training events. If you establish some performance objectives regarding concealment and measure the effectiveness of various methods its a lot easier to evaluate. I maintain a more neutral stance, I understand it’s strength’s and weakness’s. The biggest error I see is folks thinking it conceals the weapon better. Again, how do you know, what type of performance objectives did you use to measure? Something folks don’t think about is it will depend on your body type, which is why we brought it up in the first place. Sure, some may not like to hear this but it is the harsh reality. If you have a slightly larger waistline compared to your shoulders. Then it’s going to be harder than you might think to conceal over strong side carry. It all boils down to understanding the basic principles of camouflage. The waist to shoulder ratio does an excellent job of breaking up the pattern when worn with clothing that is conducive to concealed carry. At a quick glance, there doesn’t seem to be anything out of place as the taper from the shoulders to the waist helps to break up the silhouette. On the other side, appendix carry places the pistol or bulge right in the front, but with no real natural camouflage to help conceal. Folks are somewhat unaware of it because they have a tendency to slouch forward, roll their shoulders in an effort to create that taper to help conceal. I often ask them if they are aware of their posture. Some acknowledge it and some are not aware of it. Is it a good idea to encourage body language that displays what might be considered meek and victim like posture when we’re actually carrying a firearm. Why aren’t people walking around with their shoulders retracted, chest extended and their head held high.

If you find yourself in a more upright posture like the one I just described you’ll see that due to the body style it will be easier for you to print and display a small impression or bulge in appendix. Concealment options should be as natural as possible. Try it yourself, stand in front of a mirror using both methods. Stand up straight, chest extended, shoulders retracted and head up, like a feeder and judge.

A lot of people comment how it’s not for everyone, that’s very true. It really depends not only on your condition or your requirements but on your body composition as well. You don’t have to like that, but you should at least take a hard look at it and acknowledge it.