Consequences, good or bad

I may be one of the few folks who hasn’t actually read or watched anything regarding the “banning” of an actor over opinions he expressed. Quite frankly I don’t care what he said, all that matters is he voiced his opinion and as a result he now has to live with the consequences, good or bad.

Some folks have made this about free speech or gay rights, it might have those issues at the core, but it boils down to one thing; freedom of choice. His ability to make choices unconstrained by certain factors is what pissed off so many people. Whether you support his view or not, he has a right to express it, but not without consequences. My guess is he didn’t care what the consequences would be and for that I commend him. Whatever constraints, mainly social, that might have prevented some from voicing their opinion didn’t stop him. So, good for him. Now, the flip side. His or anyone’s actions are not without consequences, so if you “can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.” (Bonus points if you can remember the show that tag line was from).

The constraints come from the minority, those who use the media to bully or punish folks from voicing their opinion because it doesn’t match their own. That is a serious hypocritical issue. It doesn’t matter if you are the majority or the minority, you cannot use intimidation, threats or bullying to further your own agenda. It seems that in today’s politically climate “thuggery” is becoming all too common. That is what I have a problem with regarding this current event.

But, wait it gets better. So, you want to yell “fire” in a crowded theater. Any person who would do that has serious problems, but while they may feel as though they are exercising their freedom of speech that freedom doesn’t come without consequences. In this case, the network has censored or banned him from voicing his opinion. Here is another issue you have to recognize and that is it is their prerogative. They have the right to react to his opinions, whether good or bad. You cannot support one without the other. Cause and effect baby.

Your actions are not without consequences no matter how noble, criminal or nefarious they may be and that is the key issue here. So, you want to voice your opinion on gay rights, I support that whether I agree with them or not. But suck it up and suffer the consequences. You want to ban someone from continuing to speak their mind, go for it, it’s your choice, but don’t be surprised by the results. In the end, it comes back to freedom of choice. You can agree with his comments and support his actions by disagreeing with the consequences. You do not have to support the network’s decision one bit, you can hoot and holler as loud as you want, you can go to the extreme of canceling the network service, you can call them directly and complain. You can even start a political movement to have others join you in your cause, these are all choices you have. But not without consequences yourself, if you feel it is worth it then go for it. By the same token, those who support the networks decision have the same right.

Now, that I have said all this…snap out of it. This is a minor issue, despite what you may believe. This pales in comparison to the real issues we are currently dealing with in our country. Keep your eye on the ball folks, keep your eye on the ball.

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