The blind leading the not so blind

Recently there was another active shooter on a school campus, that’s not the real story. The real story is how faculty arrogantly avoided common safety measures to protect  students and in some cases potentially invited trouble into their classroom, literally.

How would you feel if your children were attending one of these colleges during one of these incidents. What kind of harsh words would you have for the school and specifically for the faculty whose ignorance or own personal bias could have resulted in greater tragedy or death.

It would be nice if we could have an honest conversation where we acknowledge that most within the academic community feel these types of disturbances are a nuisance and likely ignored. In this case, a tragedy did occur, but there was no way to know if the carnage was going to be limited to the one victim or multiple victims. Prudence demands caution even if it is an inconvenience. The responsibility these faculty members are burdened with is not just the education of our future, but their protection as well.

It’s funny to see how quickly some folks blame the system. Well, there should have been more advanced warning, there should have been key coded and restricted access, should have, could have and would have. It’s all crap, these measures are dreamed up by those who have no investment or risk. They sit atop their ivory towers and discharge “feel good measure” that are of little affect.

Do they really increase the safety of those who are at risk? They may present “problems”, but if a sociopath is truly determined these mass casualty events are not crimes of passion, they are planned out. The deterrents are viewable and known so with time and most of these events are initiated on the perpetrators time table and not our own they will have time to come up with means and ways to defeat even the most sophisticated deterrents.

So, what is the answer? It has and shall always be a difficult proposition. You have to acknowledge that bad people exist first off and that evil will find a way. All the feel good measures are really more for post event damage control. To say to the public, “see, we had a notification system in place, we did something.” That’s great, but that notification system means nothing when the adults charged with the safety of their students ignore or fail to take appropriate action.

Once you recognize that these well intended, but woefully ineffective measures are not going to produce the ideal environment that will really deter a determined sociopaths then you are left to figure out what will. About the only thing that is guaranteed to be effective is when the sociopath is more worried about his own safety. That he is confronted by the righteous, hell bent are protecting the flock. Then and only then can you really feel the warm blanket of safety.

What folks don’t see is that by confronting evil and putting them down, it sends a clear message to those future sociopaths, don’t tread on me or do so at your own peril. My belief is these cowards will often have a change of heart when they realize they could confront someone who will exercise extreme and precise violence to end their life. Funny how that works.

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