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Last week there was a shooting at a mall in Maryland. While still under investigation it seems as though there was a different MO from other recent mass casualty events for the simple reason the sociopath took his own life. In many other mass casualty events the perpetrator continued to prey on the helpless until confronted by the courageous who stare down evil.

One of the comments in an article on the subject caught my attention, “good job sheltering in place and not trying to escape.” Really, that’s the type of response you want to hear from law enforcement? Good job for just sitting there waiting for either police to rescue you or the bad guy(s) to execute you.

So, what alternatives do you have? And more important, what do you do if you didn’t get into the locked room of Vicki’s?

How reasonable is it for the person(s) locked in the room to not open the door for you? I mean there is carnage and chaos that caused folks to shelter in place. Would the public blame them if they didn’t let you in despite your pleas. I can just hear it now, “they just didn’t know”, “how could they be sure” or “they owed it to those already locked in the room to keep the door shut.”

So now what? You weren’t quick enough to get into a locked room. Now, you’re left to hide. That’s right, hide and pray no one finds you until the police arrive. I’m reminded of a M.A.S.H episode where Hawkeye represses the image of a child crying while being suffocated to avoid detection by the enemy. That’s a horrible thought, one that just makes me cringe as I’m sure most everyone else. Have you given much thought to how long you can hide, how long can you sit still and be quite. Better yet, how long can children or the elderly do that.

So, what if you decided to make a run for it? Of course, there could be shooters outside or IED’s waiting to go off, but think of it in terms of knowns and unknowns. You have a known gunmen(s), use that as part of your decision making and not the unknowns of what might happen trying to escape and being shot by someone outside or a bomb blowing up in the parking lot. You can still be cautious of course, but part of critical decision making is having and using information in a timely manner.

If you had run out to seek safety for yourself or your family how would the public respond. “Oh, they didn’t listen and fled the attack point.” Honestly, I’ve begun to doubt what might be considered rational thought by the public at large and it’s been reinforced with comments like the one above. Would you care what the public or officials had to say? Hell no!

You can kiss my seat warmer if you don’t like my actions because your lame shelter in place policy is a half measure at best. My job is not to make the politicians or talking heads job’s easier. My job is to protect and safe guard my family at all costs.

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  1. TMOUL1 says:

    Good Afternoon Jeff. Thank-you for taking the time to publish these commentaries. I often read the after-reporting and watch the news reports on these events with a high level of frustration. While I hope that I am not with my family in a situation like the one that happened in Maryland, hiding, waiting, and hoping that the suspect will bypass me and my family (or miss us altogether) is a head in the sand philosophy if there ever was one. Getting out of the kill zone is your best option for survival. Once my family is safe, dealing with the suspect can take priority, but not before–period. As for the “always shelter in place” crowd, perhaps their perspective would change, if the ever found themselves in a similar set of circumstances. Lastly, to my fellow active LEOs and responsible armed citizens, don’t leave home without your sidearm–ever. Practice regularly, educate yourself about fighting and the effects of stress, and keep yourself in working shape.

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