Courage versus fear

As predictable as the sun rising post mass shooting has stirred the crazy pot again and we see all the usual suspects screaming to those who would listen about how they have the answers to all our problems.

My hope is that folks are smart enough to realize these people are either puppets or cowards, or a combination of both. It is clear this administration has an agenda that would strip US citizens of their rights, while at the very same time champion for those here illegally be granted the same rights as US citizens. These puppets continue to espouse the same failed agenda with the intention of beating it down our throats as a method of convincing us it is the right thing to do. Don’t give in to this type of thuggery politics. Stay strong and stay the course of your convictions.

I find it incredibly transparent the ACLU has sat on the sidelines. They have sent a very clear message they are only concerned about the violation of civil rights they like or support. Their one-sided mentality reeks of favoritism and no matter their cause I will see them for what they are; politically driven propaganda agents and not the once morally straight dreamers of equality. Sure, it is probably an extreme view to just lump all their causes into a politically driven motivation, but kind of hard not wouldn’t you say.

As for the cowards, well that’s pretty simple. These people lack the intestinal fortitude to truly address the issue; which is their own fear. They so lack the courage to face their emotionally driven phobia of “guns” they literally foam at the mouth in an effort to get their point across. The have mastered the art of grandstanding as a method to convince others who normally may not believe such silliness, yet since they are the only ones screaming they are the only ones being listened to.

It is quite clear to me these cowards are so entrenched in their belief’s that an inanimate object is bad and must be removed from everyone’s hands they fail to address their true emotions. Hiding from your true emotions is bad, projecting hatred towards those who don’t agree with you because of your emotional fear is just plain childish. An adult should have the tools necessary to address their fears, through honest dialogue with those who they trust. Through a higher understanding of what really generates their fear. Only in this manner can you start to address what really scares you and why. In order to address your fear, you have to be vulnerable to criticism and that takes true courage. You will probably go a lifetime before you see them admit to being vulnerable, which to me is the ultimate gesture of cowardice.

If more of our politicians and talking heads had the courage to do the right thing and really look within themselves to address the emotional engine that drives their action we may actually be able to live in a balanced world. Instead they lash out and the abuse their position or status in life to reach as many people as possible. It’s as if they employ a super bright flashlight of a bazillion candle power to shine the light for others to follow, but shine it away from themselves. When what they really need is a single candle in the dark to find their own way out of their fears.

It takes real courage to address your fears, to look into yourself and see the scared person they are and more importantly why. So, when you see the usual suspects spewing their hatred or disbelief in your rights, take pity on their shallowness and be reminded of their timid and fearful souls.