The will to win

What does it take to win? That all depends on what we are talking about really. However, if we are talking about winning a lethal confrontation the very first fight, is the fight within yourself.

We are all capable of violence, but that doesn’t make us violent people. That seems to be the biggest obstacle for some, coming to the realization that they can inflict harm or even death in order to protect that which they love. For some, the journey might take them to some dark places, places they don’t like to go to because they are afraid. That fear can be pretty intense for some, even paralyzing. You are not going to able to overcome that fear without acknowledging a few realities.

Evil does exist in the world we live in, it’s all around us whether you want to acknowledge it or not. I had a recent discussion about this, where wouldn’t it be nice if higher intelligence allowed there to be no violence. I was immediately concerned with that thought and my response was who get’s to determine what “higher intelligence” is and what happens to those deemed low intelligence? It was a scary conversation to think what I considered an intelligent person could have these types of thoughts. It’s the equivalent of burying your head in the sand or worse. Some have a hard time separating fact from fiction, the Utopia of why can’t we all just get along resonates with many. There is nothing and I mean nothing you can do to remove evil, it would be the same as trying to remove the nighttime.

Many times that fear doesn’t have to do with the actual encounter, instead it’s the fear of what that might mean to others. How other people will judge you. You need to shield yourself from that type of worry. All that should matter is what your family, friends and those close to you think. Sure, some may not quite understand, but what should go without saying is that you are alive and well to speak with them about the encounter. I know first hand having an extended family that loathed guns. It was incredibly frustrating, but in one conversation I made it very clear to them. You don’t have to like my actions, but you sure as shit are not going to argue with the results. The results being their grandchildren or daughter still being in their lives.

The best advise I can give you is to have a serious discussion about what you are willing to do, are you willing to take another human’s life to protect your own, your family or the public at large. You MUST be truthful with yourself, there is no shame in whatever answer you come up with as long as it is an truthful answer.

As one friend put it, it is crossing a mental threshold of sorts. It’s when you realize that under the right circumstances you will do anything to protect those you love. Now, this might get a little mushy for some, but love is a subject often left out of these discussions, which is a shame. I know it is my love for my children, my family or my brothers that would give me the strength and will to win. It’s really that simple.