Man's best friend

It should come as no surprise to most everyone that knows me I’m a big dog lover. I have been for as long as I can remember. Who could blame you, they are not without challenges, but they bring a peace of mind that is hard to quantify.

When I was deploying on a regular interval I would spend large chunks of time away from the family. While I knew the kid’s mom was lethal with a blaster, having a large frame working dog was a huge weight off my shoulders. It allowed me to stay focused on my task at hand.

Not every household is conducive to a canine, but those who enjoy their company also enjoy other benefits. The biggest one is an early warning system, giving you time to get into action. We’ve had a talk with the family that should an altercation break out between our dog and a stranger they are to high tale it to a safe zone. It was important we convey to them not try to intervene, or worse get in the way. Yes, our dog could get hurt or even killed, but that is it’s purpose. That was a difficult subject, but it was made easier once we explained the partnership between man and beast.

This partnership goes so far back I’ll bet we can all imagine some hairy animal skinned covered humans using canines for much of the same reasons we do today. I love learning the history of each breed and except for today’s “yap yap” dogs so many have a noble purpose. To hunt, to protect, to offer warmth are just a few.

It’s no wonder we continue to seek out their many blessings. Hunting hasn’t much changed, I’ve seen some amazing dogs who truly are the very best at what they were meant to do. It sure makes putting food on the table easier. Protecting has evolved immensely in the recent years. Their involvement in the GWOT has saved countless lives, many times at their own sacrifice. I don’t think many had a dry eye when a hero is buried and his dog comes to his side one last time. There was a great story of an Akita named Hachiko in Japan that performed the same ritual of waiting for its master for 10 years.

Today we are also blessed with their warmth. Not so much their physical warmth, but the warmth they bring our hearts. For them to bring so much happiness to those who are suffering physical or mental pain is truly a blessing. Having seen this blessing several times it could easily qualify as a tiny miracle.

No, they are truly a gift from the Gods. It is such a shame they don’t get to spend as much time as we may want, but I truly admire their life no matter how short lived they may be.

We are a dog family for sure, will always be and it is was of the best insurance, medical, security device you could ever own. They may not be for everyone, but they have given me peace, they have brought joy to our family in tough times and strengthened our family’s bond. My kids are growing up not just under the shelter they provide, but their love. Hard to beat that for sure.

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