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So, yesterday’s post about slings got a lot of juices flowing. I received several off line comments from folks explaining why I should like this over that. Some good information and I appreciate the feedback. Put into context what was the job or mission I was describing…assaults. That is a very specialized skill and job that only a fraction of those who actually carry a rifle are training for, much less actually perform. You have to keep things in perspective, is that the best sling for the average rifle…probably not. I’m sure folks can explain to me why that is the best sling hands down and I think that is great you can come up with justification. Maybe you have thought out it, and maybe you are still not getting it. A sling serves five basic purposes;

  1. It does not interfere with your ability to shoot
  2. It does not interfere with your ability to assume the various ready positions
  3. It does not interfere with your ability to assume the various shooting positions
  4. It allows you to transfer to your weak side
  5. It secures the weapon when hands free is necessary

So, if you were paying attention you should have realized that it is not until the final point do we talk about carrying the rifle.


Some may also argue that a sling’s purpose is to enhance my shooting by creating rigidity in your shooting stance. While I get it, that is also part of a specialized mission and while I can do that it I am not going to select a rifle sling on this ability. It will be low on the priority list and merely a bonus. Folks will be quick to point out to me how well their sling does that, that’s great, but does it excel at the first points in order to do so. The reality is they typically give up some of the higher priorities to accomplish a lower priority.


While I love my single point, I realize that it is a specialized sling. Can I use it in a generalized capacity, sure, but there are other slings that will do a better job. In comes the double point sling, probably hands down the best general purpose sling out there.

There are a lot to choose from in this field so how do you narrow down a solid double point sling? First, follow those 5 guidelines listed above. Many slings can meet some of them, but few can meet all of them. I typically like to have my sling set, meaning I don’t have to adjust it just because the wind blows. Those guys who are constantly adjusting there sling do so for the most part because they can and not because they need to. Biggest issues to adjust are when wearing armor and when not wearing armor; a close second would be if wearing heavy winter clothing.

Closed loop

I like the sling to be wide, stiff and easy to adjust from either shooting side. If I can quickly take it on and off the rifle that is a huge bonus. In my search for the perfect sling I have come across a lot, but the final piece to this puzzle that really narrows it down is a closed loop system. Meaning there is no bitter end to search for, fight through or get caught up. There is a new sling in town and it meets all of the criterion listed above and is quickly becoming my favorite. In fact, you just might see this bad boy with another favorite of mine landing in gun store near you soon.

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