Death by slings…

I received more positive feedback on the two point sling article the other day. A lot of folks were able to take on board the different approaches.

Then I got some comments related to is there a place for a sling that can run in dual roles; a single and double point configuration?

I think there certainly can be a place for a multi-mission type sling, one that provides all the benefits of a solid adjustable two point along with the streamlined utilitarian function of a single point. In theory it really shouldn’t be too hard to figure that puzzle out…or so I thought.

There have been some horrible attempts, while the intention is solid, the execution was an epic fail. I have mixed feelings about this direction, on the one hand I just don’t think it is necessary. I compare slings to holsters. I have several different holsters for different occasions, there are some commonalities behind the holsters. They have to meet certain criterion, but then aside from that they are pretty different. I have inside the waistband, scabbards, pancakes and a whole slew of different models; all that serve a purpose.

Could it be slings can fall into the same category? Or are we chasing our tails on this one? Part of me thinks yes; we have the technology and ability. We could see a few manufactures really innovate and create an awesome multi-mission sling. Then I come back to do we need it? If I need the ability to carry the rifle in more of a tactical setting then a two point will probably be fine. If I am making entries as part of the mission profile then moving to a single point and being done with it seems pretty simple. Is there a mission profile that calls for patrolling up to the target, rallying at the ready point. Then I make adjustments so my two point is now a one point as we prepare to move to our set point. Sure, I could do that, but it seems a bit excessive to me.

I think having my default sling being a two point, so in a grab and go format I have a good multi-mission sling is the smart play. I could make entries if I really had to along with more tactical movement considerations. That has worked for me until now, but maybe I need to look at this from a different perspective, streamlining my gear.

If that were to be the case, we would need to combine the best of each sling into one. Let’s start by identifying some left and right limits. The sling should have these characteristics:

  1. Quickly adjustable
  2. Reliable secure
  3. Minimum hardware
  4. Light weight
  5. Long lasting

One last criteria could be “bad-ass”, but that’s pretty intangible. You will know it when you see it kind of thing. I have seen a few slings that meet a couple of the points, but not all of them. I have my eye on one and I am enjoying playing with it during this trial period.

The bottom line, we must continue to identify deficiencies then direct our innovative resources at bringing that deficiency on step, that is the key to longevity.