How fast is fast enough

It’s time to talk dirty, probably even make a lot of people feel uncomfortable. What do you expect is a reasonable response time?

Post Sandy Hook tragedy the NRA was putting out 15-20 minutes. I also read a piece from Media Matters that tried to shoot holes in that claim, one of their points was the police station was located 2 miles from the school and that officers could have run there in less time. So here is something to think about; the average 18 year old male joining the military has to run two miles in less than 15:54 seconds. You’ve got to love liberal logic.

Anyhow, back on point. There are some more numbers that you might not like, the big one being the average active shooter incident is over within 12:30. Even if the average response time was on the lower end, say 15 minutes they may still not be there in time. Of course, there are anomalies, for instance the Sandy Hook had a response time of 3 minutes. This is why we use averages, because it allows us to look at the big picture and not create a false reality.

Now here is some other disturbing thoughts to consider. Suppose you are in an average size town, let’s take my home town of Austin. According to a 2010 report submitted to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program we have 20.2 sworn officers per 10,000 citizens. Why do I bring this up, quite simply if half of them are sleeping and the other half are on duty how quickly could a multiple car pile up during rush hour tie up those resources? Sure, I am playing with numbers, but why don’t you give that some thought. A multi-car accident with fatalities in the morning, how many officers might you expect to arrive? 2, 4, 6 or more, I honestly don’t know, but hopefully you get my point.

Now, what if we there is a threat directed at our schools? Suppose someone called, texted or emailed a threat, but instead of it being directed at a school, it was directed at a school district. I would imagine no stone would be left unturned, that every effort to hunt this bastard down and pursue him to the end of the earth before he could make good on his threat would be the standing order. It seems only logically that in the pursuit of this psychopath increasing the prescreens of armed individuals at those schools as well as other schools through the larger population would not just be prudent, but necessary.

Now, how long would the investigation go on and how long would that extra presence be prudent? It is hard to say, I feel pretty confident that it would be handled in the most expeditious yet thorough way, but still no definitive answer.

My point to all of this is quite simple, with the increase in an armed presence folks feel more comfortable. Yes, that armed presence is a result of a threat, but why not maintain that armed presence indefinitely. The biggest reason is money and resources. But if it increases the safety of our children and brings piece of mind to our families, shouldn’t it be worth it. Even if we cannot afford it long term let’s at least start up a dialogue about alternatives and options that can in the end create a safer learning environment for our children.

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  1. flashback says:

    One of the better articles I’ve read on the subject, the gov’t run resources are there to assist us and can only go so far, so fast…we are the first responders in everything that happens to us on a daily basis.

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