The Challenges Before Us

I am happy to report that we are seeing more and more first time and new gun owners exercising their constitutional rights. It is great to see the surge in not just gun ownership, but also education.

I believe the two go hand in hand, I obviously have selfish reasons to see that, but I do not agree with mandatory requirements.

Apples to Oranges

Now before folks blow a gasket take a deep breath and ask yourself under what circumstances have you had to do something similar. Most will comment getting their driver’s license. That’s a great example, but are we comparing apples to apples.

The Real Fatal Funel

First off, there have been approximately 758 deaths on Texas roadways so far this year. What does that tell us, it is very dangerous to be on our roadways. That every time you buckle up you risk not returning to your loved ones. The causes of roadway fatalities vary from driving under the influence, falling asleep at the wheel and a big one now a days distracted while driving. So, if you want to drive in this country you must demonstrate maturity, responsibility and ability through driver education programs and passing your driver’s test or something along those lines.

The Difference

Why bring all this up, because driving is a privilege your second amendment is a constitutional right. I get why folks get up in arms about “education”, particularly the anti-gun crowd. It is just another bureaucratic hoop to jump through that by proxy creates gun control measures.

Your Partial Rights

Your God given right to bear arms doesn’t come with any contingencies, age limits or other restrictions. Do we see the same attention being applied to any of the other constitutional rights, well kind of. In the recent Bundy Ranch fiasco there was a designated “free speech” or “first amendment” zone. I found it incredibly offensive to see this type of action by our ¬†government. I read a comment from the Minority Report that stated free speech zones are used to limit or restrict protests. But wait a minute, I thought freedom to assemble was also a constitutional right. A good point brought up was whenever you designate an area for free speech means you are restricting it someplace else, which kind of defeats the purpose.

The Slippery Slope

So, before we get too hot under the collar about mandatory requirements for owing or purchasing a firearm first ask yourself do you want to see these types of infringements on the rest of your rights. It is a slippery slope and sometimes it is a black or white issue. Hopefully placed in this context you side with no, I don’t want to see restriction on this or any of my other constitutional rights.

Does that mean there should be further education, absolutely. I firmly believe in education and my belief extends outside my own circle to those who are just coming into the art. I believe there is a good size group of folks who recognize responsible gun ownership means further education, whether they get it through reading, viewing or attending is not important. What is important is they believe it and take action voluntarily.

Free Will

Last year the City of Austin banned “single use” plastic bags. In typical liberal style they decided that “we the people” were too dumb to save the planet ourselves and they had to step in for us. Never mind that no conclusive proof exists of other cities who took similar steps had any significant impact on litter control. I find single use bags to be incredibly handy and we use them all the time more than a single time. Instead of approaching it from an educational side, they made the decision for us and eliminated your freedom of choice.

If you look closely, you can see the trail between the two subjects don’t blink or you might miss it.

One thought on “The Challenges Before Us

  1. flashback says:

    I agree Jeff, I don’t want “them” dictating what I have to do or not do for me to exercise my God given rights but I also want to become as proficient in exercising those same rights and seek knowledge and training (when possible) to learn and practice the skills needed.
    The problem is that there are a lot of people who don’t go the extra steps after acquiring their weapons, they think they already know all they need to know for various reasons…I try to urge those I know to take more training as it’s both beneficial and yes, even fun!

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