The Truth Behind Steel

Recently it was brought to my attention that I tend to ramble about guns and rough stuff and that I needed something soft and gooey. So, in an effort to support reader request I am going to talk about something other than guns and rough stuff.

Dark Times

I have had the great fortune to have some amazing friends that are geniuses in their own field and about seven years after a serious injury I had to revamp my whole fitness regime. It was a long, grinding and at times unbelievably frustrating part of my life. The changes I had to make were not easy and I definitely wasn’t happy.

That’s the bad news, the good news is it really changed my view on what was important and not simply from a fitness perspective. There is something about pushing or pulling  heavy objects that is cleansing. It is absolute truth, you either can or cannot. There really is no in-between.

Get Stronger

When I get asked by students what can I do to be a better shooter, I can give them the litany of practice plans, training drills and personal experience. What I really want to tell them is just get stronger. Take your fitness more seriously, make it a priority even if it is a low one, put it on the list at least.

The benefits will well exceed your expectations. Here is why, it’s not easy. That pretty much sums it up, it is easier not to stay heathy than to stay fit. It takes effort, discipline, sacrifice, discomfort and failure. You cannot put a price tag on these merits, these values. They transcend all facets of your life because they don’t define your fitness goals, they define you.

Let it go

I’m not going to get all wrapped around the axle about what you choose to meet your fitness goals. I am tickled pink if you do something, all I care about is you care about it and put in the effort. But for me, I like to focus on a strength based program to meet my needs and goals.

What I like about my programing is how having reached heavy loads for me I either succeed or fail. It is really that simple, the steel weight is not going to lie or coddle me. It always tells me the truth and I love that. There is no sugar coating when I fail, but by the same token I get amazing feedback when I succeed.

It is Worth the Effort

Being in peak physical condition along with heathy eating habits are the cornerstones for optimal performance in just about anything you do. I’m not going to knock anyone else’s methods, whatever you want to do to that is safe is better than nothing. The only thing that matters is you put in the effort and are consistent. It’s easy for folks to ridicule or put down  your efforts, it’s easy because they are not in the arena with you.

The truth behind the steel is it will be there to guide you, to keep you honest and to make you better.