Magazine Justification

Over the last couple of days we’ve seen some good dialogue regarding carrying a spare magazines. A justification brought up was the difference between defense and offense.

Personal Protection Plan

For most who choose to carry for self-defense their actions when employing lethal force are to defend themselves or their immediate family/loved ones. In other words, they are defensive in nature. If you haven’t developed a personal protection plan that details who, what and when you will employ lethal force you are way behind the power curve and this subject might be a bit difficult to follow. If however, you have created your personal protection plan when do you switch from defense to offense?

All American Diner

To put things in perspective, you are out with your family and if you don’t have family your next closet loved ones who you would risk your own life to ensure their safety. The restaurant is a popular one and you are eating dinner during their busiest time and day when gunfire erupts inside the restaurant just out of view. Because you consider seating and exits you have placed yourself in a pretty good spot. The gunfire opened up concentrated and reduced to sporadic fire. You or your family are not injured at this moment so what do you do?

Tactical Imperative

I think most who have come up with their safety plan have given this consideration and with the scenario I briefed they would more than likely defend the exit to ensure their family/loved ones can escape then overwatch for them as they extract from the attack site. Seems very reasonable and while many things can go wrong during your plan, I think it’s plausible and tactically sound. Now, the question I ask is do you return to the attack site to assist or neutralize the threat(s)? A very personal choice and one I would strongly encourage folks to carefully consider. I can honestly say I don’t know what I would do because even the details I have laid out still have a lot of holes, but once my family/loved ones are safe I would at that time make the best choice possible. After all, my primary directive is to ensure their safety first, my safety second and then public’s safety.

Move over X-box

Ok, so now that most of you have been foaming at the mouth during this scenario. Let’s change it up slightly, just one single twist to our tactical plot. The scenario I briefed is exactly the same only now it is a terrorist attack. Does that change your actions and if it does why? If you felt that getting your family off the “X” was the tactical imperative, does it change just because the perpetrators are terrorist?

There were a few comments that talked about reacting to a terrorist style attack, something along the lines of Mumbai style attack or whatever. While I believe this type of attack is possible, does it alter your directives on a daily basis? You of course change this scenario up to be you are alone and your family is secure offsite, but the purpose of this piece was to put some perspective into your carry options. If you feel that is the reason you are carrying concealed then are you equipped with body armor, medical gear and the big one, is a single spare magazine truly enough?

My point is that we all live our lives based off our experiences or expectations. We can easily respond with our favorite Boy Scott motto of “be prepared”, but are you really prepared if this was the scenario you used as your justification. While trying to protect our lives we also need to remember why we are protecting our lives and that is so we can live our lives.

Nobody wants to be saddled with the “if only” I had a spare magazine or in this last scenario two spares, but you do have to make a choice as to how you live your life, just don’t forget that part of that is to actually live it.

4 thoughts on “Magazine Justification

  1. flashback says:

    Good summary,
    I’m in agreement with ya on the defense of family and self first…all other options would be pretty much determined by circumstances. Hadn’t given much thought at all to the ‘terrorist’ scenarios…still go with the main family/self plans and after that there are a lot of factors one would definitely have to take into account on who/what/where/when/how I’d like to think there’s something that I could do to help out though.

  2. flashback says:

    Now Jeff,
    Keep in mind that I’m just a wet behind the ears old dog trying to pickup some new tricks here with zero experience in MIL/LEO…and no I’m not a “gamer” either…just a sometimes wiseguy 😉 Love the info put forth in your blog posts!

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