The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Another comment I observed recently stated “exactly who are we suppose to be afraid on a city a street.” Honestly my answer is I don’t know.

Hi, I’m Bob and I’m Your Robber Today

I don’t with 100% certainty know who is going to choose violence, it’s not like they advertise it in a bubble over their head. Now, there are some pre-fight cues that you can learn to watch for in your daily activities, but without situational awareness you will never pick them up or if you do not in time to counter effectively.

No Light without Darkness

But the fundamental issue here is whether you believe evil exists. For you to pick up on the subtle cues you first have to admit they are there, which means you have to acknowledge that evil exists in the world. It is rather perplexing that some people either don’t acknowledge the idea of evil. I’m not really sure why, maybe they are trying to protect their psyche or maybe admitting that evil exists means admitting they are vulnerable. It doesn’t really matter what you believe, just because you choose not to believe there is no evil does not mean evil doesn’t exist.

Head Buried Squarely in the Sand

The gravest mistake you can make is to go through life with this mentality. With a mentality that nothing bad is going to happen to me, that I live in a good neighborhood or I have gone my whole life without this that or the other thing as your baseline is setting you up and your family up for trouble. Maybe you have never been the victim of a violent crime and if so, you are incredibly lucky. But, I’ll be you know someone within your immediate circle of family and friends who has been the victim of a violent crime.

For the Children’s Sake

Something worth considering is even if you don’t believe evil exists, are you willing to risk your family and loved one. Are you willing to ignore the countless atrocities around the country and live in a bubble made up of wishful thinking and hope. Could you live with yourself knowing the false reality of a world you created inadvertently lead to someone you care about being a victim of violent crime.

I’m not saying you have jock up in full kit to patrol the streets or escort your family to and from functions, but you at lease owe it to them just in the off chance you are wrong. This is the dilemma many in America face and then when something terrible happens it is always someone else’s fault, whether it be the inanimate object, the system or science. Of course, you cannot protect your loved ones from everything that is out there, but you will not do them any favors if you don’t talk to them about evil. It is almost the same as not talking to your children about sex or drugs. Just because you don’t take the time to talk to them, answer their questions and reassure them you are there for anything they may need doesn’t mean they won’t learn on their own.

The bottom line is if you don’t think evil exists or there is a justifiable need for personal protection I doubt anything I say will change your mind. However, don’t allow your prejudice or in my opinion your ignorance create a false of security for your family. You owe it to them.

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