Am I that Man?

Ok, you can easily substitute “that woman”, but it’s not as catchy a title. In this case, my point is are you that person who can willfully and skillfully carry a pistol to defend your life?

Best Candidate for the Job

Let’s start by removing skill from the equation, that is a whole different can of worms and something we will delve into later down the road. The real question is can you willfully carry a firearm for the immediate defense of your life? I’m not talking about the legal justification for said act, I’m talking about the mental mindset and thought process. You will not hear my question your legal right, but when I get a message that has “just wondering why handguns are needed” you are probably not a candidate for the responsibility. Yeah, that might not be what you want to hear, but it is the truth.

So, let’s suppose I’ve been asked to give a speech to a group of folks who question the validity of carrying a firearm for personal protection. What might that speech look like?  Truthfully, I have had to give similar speeches or talks and what I have found is a fundamental difference between thought processes, there are the grass eaters and then there are the meat eaters. I know that sounds bad, but that is pretty much how I see things.

Home on the Range

You see, I don’t have to convince a meat eater that his own safety and the safety of his family is his responsibility. As a meat eater, he has to go out and forage for his family, he has to protect his family, he has to do the things that modern man has either forgotten or chosen to ignore. In our quest for “peace” we have become so civilized that it is taboo to take personal responsibility for your own safety. It is far easier to blame others and live a lie than to confront the truth…you may not be able to defend yourself or family thanks to civility.

Part of that inability stems from the mindset, after all in the immortal words of John Steinbeck, “the final weapon is the brain, all else is supplemental.” For those of us in the art, that loosely translates to mean that mindset is key. It doesn’t mean you are “bad or good”, it just means that you complete. You can have the physical skill and the firearm itself, but without the mental aspect you are truly ill prepared.

Fear This

How do you go about preparing the mind? Part of that has to do with recognizing that evil exists, see yesterday’s blog…The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. You have to accept there is evil in this world, it doesn’t mean you have to like it, just that you acknowledge it is out there and despite all the “civility” you may want, the bad guy always gets a choice. Once we get past the whole evil exist thing, you need to look deep within yourself and ask what are you afraid of? Are you afraid of what your friends or family may think, are you afraid of your abilities, are you afraid you may fail. All of these are normal responses to these types of situations and all can be address if you are honest with yourself. Fear is not a bad thing, it has kept us alive for all these centuries, but not facing your fears can have costly results. Don’t be afraid to confront these emotions.

The Utopia that so many wish for, doesn’t really exist. But that doesn’t mean you have to live in fear, you always have a choice.