Riding on the high of the success of the TACOST Training Programs comes a new direction; Neptune Applied. This project is a cloud based, multiple device community environment that provides the platform to track performance history, access to an in-depth training skills library, establish personal goals of performance and network with other like minded individuals from anywhere.



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While still in it’s infancy, imagine a cloud-based system that allows the end user to login anywhere. Build a profile that allows them to track multiple weapon systems and conditions such as concealed or open, pistol or rifle. The beauty is you can either choose to keep your performance private or you can share your goals and achievements with the rest of the membership enriching your experience. Get to know other people and their goals, learn what worked for them and what didn’t to reach their goals. For those more competitive, you can see how you rank amongst other individuals on baseline drills in the leaderboard. The program will be mutli-device friendly so you can log in from a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Some of the features you could expect would be:

  • Performance history
  • Goal setting
  • Personal training
  • Leaderboard ranking
  • Personalized profile
  • Video library
  • Baseline drill library
  • Social media integration
  • Training session calendar
  • Community portal

Those who have trained with us know how serious we are about standards. It is something very personal to me and one of my goals is to share that passion with the public at large. This new project will affect thousands of people in a positive way.  I watched so many loose the momentum they generated from a training class and I realized the 2 or 3 day class will always have limitations. In an effort to help people this new program will be a game changer. As a trainer, I want everyone to succeed, to reach peak performance, this project has the capability of making that a reality.

Please Contribute

Ways you can help, making a donation is always welcome and let me just say thank you in advance. Getting the word out is also hugely important so please feel free to share this page or the campaign page with your family and friends. Post it on Facebook, Tweet about it and anything else you think will help get the word out. I cannot thank you enough, your involvement in this program I hope will bring you as much happiness, to be a part of something great.

Please Contribute

Trident Concepts, LLC has set the bar for the industry regarding performance standards. We have brought the same Naval Special Warfare mindset regarding training to the public sector with huge success. Through careful development of curriculum, consistent applications of our curriculum we have establish ourselves as the source for peak performance achievement (credit mauricio). Now, we want to reach as many people as possible to share our vision.

Please Contribute

The proceeds of this crowdfunding campaign will go to paying for the final revision of the platform and beta testing.  It will also allow Trident Concepts to tentatively release a working product at the 2014 SHOT show in Las Vegas.

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