Sick Call

As the winter time starts to roll in and the seasons change, you can probably expect someone in your household to get sick. That someone on this end was me, only it was nat at the house.

Worse case scenario

I caught a cold while teaching a class in California, I felt it the first night I was in town and day one was pretty easy. I figured I would be over it quick and what helps me at times  getting it over quicker is working out. Getting my body going has helped me work the junk out of my system and get me healing faster. So, naturally I hit a local Crossfit gym after class. It was at that point I realized this was no ordinary cold, my work out was cumbersome to say the least. While I made it through the workout I realized I was certainly not at 100%, it really did seem like the weight of the world on each end of the barbell.

The injured lion

What typically happens when you get a cold? I know that everyone is a little different, but what I think we all share is fatigue. When fatigue sets in, it is very easy to take shortcuts. Shortcuts in just about everything we do, especially if there is a physical component. Defending your life would pretty much have a physical component so how do you handle that when you are not at your best. About the only thing you can do is turn your situational awareness to full blast, you literally have to break the knob and turn it past the highest setting. My instincts are pretty much fully engaged there, almost to the point I feel like they are really obvious. Like I’m walking around in a Kung-Fu stance sizing everyone up. Forget about it if I have to sit still for a little bit, like at dinners. Good lord, talk about hyperactive.

There are no real time outs

Just because you are having a bad day doesn’t mean you get a free pass. You cannot call a time out and ask to reschedule. When it is go time, it is go time and ready or not shit is about to get real. During the class I found my level of concentration had to be set to high the whole class, luckily I had a great class with safety minded folks so that made it a little easier, but I still have to conduct the lectures and shoot the demonstrations. The hardest thing about the lectures is just making sure you don’t forget anything. I’m pretty sure I covered the whole subject and if I did overlook something I was able to add it in during a break. As for the demonstrations, it was a great opportunity to really evaluate myself.

Dig deep and get sum

On the last day of class we run our Strong Hand Only evolution. It’s a fairly complex evolution with multiple drills. I believe we cover the subject better than anyone and while it is just a familiarization you still shoot quite a bit. As I went through the demonstrations I will sometimes linger longer than I should, but not during those demo’s. I wasted no time and got on the sights, then the trigger in short order and laid waste to the target. I had a little bit of swagger in my walk back to the break area, albeit with a coughing spell and trophy level phlegm. But, it was good to know that if things are in a bad way, skill set and more likely instinct take over.

I think it is a bad idea to mess with a wounded animal, you are probably going to get hurt even if trying to help. Same thing here, all the preparation, training and skill development might be tempered under normal conditions, but not then. It’s like a baby rattlesnake letting loose with all it’s venom.

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  1. bigarms24 says:

    Outstanding article. We don’t have the luxury, most of the time, to pick the place, time, weapon, terrain, etc. It doesn’t matter how you feel or whats bothering you. When its go time, you either take care of business or else. Again, excellent article.

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